X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine the best movie you should watch that will make you amazed

James Logan (played by Hugh Jackman) is the main character of this X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While still a child, he already felt the strangeness in him. That he could pull out three blades sharp bone from the back of his hand. His brother, Victor (played by Liev Schreiber), is also experiencing the same problem. However, Victor did not issue three blades sharp bones from the back of his hand. But he had nails can grow extends for several centimeters. But they have in common the ability to heal them and cannot die. At the time of World War II, James and Victor jointly involved in the war. The ability to quickly recover from the wounds have made them survived the battle. But there are differences between their attitudes. Victor tends to be vicious and angry, while James took on the role as her guardian. That he did not kill everyone thinks upset him and temper Victor is precisely what brings them both to the firing squad for execution.

William Stryker (played by Danny Huston) sees the advantages of both of them, then offered the opportunity to join Team X were formed. This team consists of people who have special abilities like them. Overall they are mutant who are already experiencing genetic changes in their bodies, as well as James and Victor. Together with Kayla he then releases all the prisoners in the laboratory Stryker. The entire mutant-mutant was still a teenager and turns them is what will be the mutant in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Because at the end of the story indicated that the young mutant was later rescued by Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart) who opened a training school for mutant in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine films. Panic saw this incident, Stryker release last created mutant. None other than Wade Wilson's former colleague at Team X had a very skilled sword play. But Stryker has changed it. Wade has also received an injection of adamantium and can pull the sword from the back of his hand.

Winged Creatures

Winged Creatures thrilling movie that will make you amazed and wonder in same time

Winged Creatures movie is an American movie genre of criminals who have been released in 2008, Winged Creatures movie was produced by Robert Salerno, written by Roy Freirich, and directed by Rowan Woods. Synopsis Winged Creatures movie tells the story of a psychotic man killed many people before killing himself. Succeeded as a survivor who fought in a different way in this terrible incident. A doctor (Guy Pearce) doubted his own instincts and chose to use an experimental medical procedure on his wife, while a gambler (Forest Whitaker) believes he is really lucky. A waitress (Kate Beckinsale) began to engage in casual sex, and a young girl (Dakota Fanning), whose father received an unexpected profit. The incidence of sudden and very surprising that made an impression on the witnesses who were on the spot and managed to survive. They are: Anne, who lost her father to be the victim of a shooting. Jimmy's friend Anne that since the incident would not talk, Charlie, cancer survivors even get scratches due shot scar on the neck. Carla, the waitress who feel guilty because cell phone so could not call for help and Dr. Laraby who left a few minutes before the incident and felt guilty about going out when he opened the door to the shooter. They experience trauma differently, and each of them uses a different way to handle it. Originally the film is already interesting from the start.

Charlie's spirit or feel had the 'luck' so he instead went to the casino n win them (real luck he can) when police search him because his fingerprints are in the arms. Well you know how come ask for a description of Jimmy cannot, he became really silent. While Anne becomes 'too normal' when Anne took off with sincerity departure of his father, even said (more like a lecture) if it is planned that his father went with courage, which ends Anne asked everyone (anyone who invites him to talk) to sit for a moment and pray for her father with her eyes closed that’s a glimpse of Winged Creatures movie.

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